St Michael’s Netball Club

Annual General Meeting

Committee Annual Report 2021 Season

President’s Report – Lynne Robertson

Our 2021 season started in anticipation of a much better season than 2020. Unfortunately, this was to not be with an abrupt end to the season after round 7.

Our committee, umpires, coaches and managers continued to engage with our players until it was confirmed that our season would not restart in 2021.

Thank you to our volunteer umpires, umpire mentors, coaches and managers for your efforts this year.

We will continue to offer our coaches and umpires access to accreditation courses through NNSW.

We will confirm our registration and grading dates as soon as we have more information for 2022.

We have several of our committee members who have worked so hard for many years stepping down from 2022. Thank you for your efforts and support of our small netball club and I know I will miss you all.

Katrina Griffiths – Registrar

Jackie Hughes - Treasurer

Michelle Nolan – Equipment Officer

Please consider joining our committee in 2022. These roles are very important and I know our outgoing committee members will provide assistance and training.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our committee - you have all worked tirelessly in this very difficult year. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I look forward to completing an entire season in 2022.

Secretary’s Report – Tracy Kriesel

Thank you to all the players, coaches, managers, and parents who have helped out in this second season of netball that hasn’t worked out as planned. It is such a shame that the season was halted prematurely, but unfortunately, that was out of our control.

Thank you to Baulkham Hills Netball Association who came with a number of possible ideas to get the season back on track when other associations around Sydney were canceling the season. Although none of the options would come to fruition, they were keen to get the players back to community sport.

This has been my second year as Secretary for the Club and although it hasn’t been as challenging as the first year, the role has still come with a number of curveballs. I will renominate again for the Secretary role for the 2022 season.

Baulkham Hills Netball Association has proposed season commencement dates of 28/29 April 2022. Further details will be provided as they come to hand, particularly after the Association AGM in November 2021.

Fingers crossed that 2022 brings a full season!

Treasurer’s Report – Jackie Hughes

Balance carried over from the last Annual General Meeting was a total of $7,806.45. The figures below are for period 09.11.20 to 23.10.21

Total Income received this period is a total of $45,347.18

Total expenses paid this period is a total of $45,469.82

Club account balance as of 23 October 2021 is $7,683.81

Registrar’s Report – Katrina Griffiths

What a year 2021 has been! What started out as a great season with netball in full swing, then ½ way through the season COVID struck again and put an end to the 2021 season. Not the year we wanted but finger crossed 2022 will look brighter.

This year we had a total of 159 players registered with 16 junior teams and 4 senior teams. Numbers were up by 2.3% on 2020 numbers

16 junior teams: 6 senior teams:

2 x 7 years 1 x A2

1 x 8 years 1 x A4

3 x 9 years 1 x B4

2 x 10 years 1 x C2

2 x 11 years

2 x 12 years

2 x 13 years

1 x 15 years

1 x 17 years

Registrations for next year - 2022 will open in the coming months. Registration will be the same

format as this year by registering online. Be sure to register as early as possible to secure your place in a team, once teams are full that age group will close. Registration details can be found on SMNC website as well as our Facebook page, please follow and like us to keep updated with important information.

I will be stepping down from my role of registrar this year. I have been involved with SMNC for 7 years as a coach, a player, and a committee member for the past 4 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the club, and I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years. A special thank you to Lynne Robertson (Club president) who I have gained a wealth of netball knowledge from and to Catherine Kos (Coaching Coordinator) for all your support, laughs and sharing those special “Milo Moments” with me. To Michelle, Jackie, Anne, Kim, Mon, Robert, Tracy and previous committee members it has been so much fun working with you all on the committee. Thank you!

St Michael’s Netball is a fantastic club which I’m proud to say I was part of, and I will miss this great club. I wish everyone all the best for the 2022 netball season.

Coaches Coordinator’s Report – Catherine Kos

Firstly, I would like to extend a big thank you to all of our Coaches for volunteering your time this season. I know how hard you all worked to ensure the players all learnt lots and had a really positive experience and it was extremely sad that the season had to end when it did, as I know we had our Net Set Go players developing lots of skills and many of our Junior Teams poised for semi-final appearances.

This has been the best season that I recall in recent years where coaches completed accreditation courses to further develop their skills. Congratulations to all of the coaches who committed to this and a big thank you to our club for reimbursing coaches for the financial cost associated with this – it’s great to see that we really are dedicated to coaching development and I hope many of our coaches will return next season to put what they have learnt into action with their players!

Also, a big thank you to our Managers, who keep our teams organised and support the Coaches immensely. Managers often work with the Committee to send out messages and coordinate events and we really value your dedication and assistance.

Thank you to our umpires - our teams couldn’t take the court without you volunteering and you all do an amazing job.

Lastly, a huge thank you to our Committee members, brilliantly led by our President Lynne Robertson. It’s such a pleasure to work with you all – thank you for your hard work and all the fun we have had along the way. Some of our amazing Committee Members who have been with us a long time may move on after this season and I would like to sincerely thank them for all of their outstanding work for our Club and the friendships we have built as a result. Jackie, Katrina and Michelle - you are all amazing, thank you! Finally, I would like to strongly encourage our Club Members to put your hands up to join our Committee next season - you will be well-supported and I can guarantee that you will actually have a good time, whilst helping our Club in a very practical way.

Umpire’s Report – Monique O’Callaghan

In what was a short season, I want to say a very big thank you to the St Michaels Netball Committee. Another strange year for us all with a season swiftly taken away before we had a chance to really get into it.

Over the 7 weeks we were able to play, I am so pleased that our teams were able to play because of our wonderful group of umpires who volunteered their time to officiate – a very big thank you to our 19 umpires who officiated with fairness, courage, strength, joy and impartiality.

Our group of mentors continued to grow this year, which saw 6 of our senior umpires give up their time to work with our new and upcoming umpires. Thank you to all of you for sharing your knowledge and passion for umpiring.

A big thank you to the following umpires who returned in 2021:

· Ashlee Robertson

· Caitlin Hughes

· Catherine Kos

· Charlotte Ryan

· Grant Mitchell

· Hannah Smith

· Katrina Griffiths

· Lynne Robertson

· Monique O’Callaghan

· Olivia Kelly

· Poppy Robinson

· Robert Gilbert

· Sienna Gwynne

Of special note, we welcome those who took the court for the first time this year as umpires: · Cate Whitten

· Chloe Wong

· Emily Kos

· Madeleine Essex

· Maddie Scotland

· Viridiana Juarez-Mendoza

I also want to thank Baulkham Hills Sports Club and RHAC netball clubs for the many umpiring allocation swaps this year. Being able to swap enabled us to badge and challenge our umpires on different levels of games and we look forward to continuing these relationships in the future.

Thank you all and we will see you in 2022! Here’s hoping we get a full season in!

Equipment Officer – Michelle Nolan

With a shortened season in 2020, there wasn’t a lot of equipment to update for the 2021 season. Once again, our club credit at Rebel Sport enabled us to purchase a new game ball for each team as well as restocked first aid kits, team drink bottle caddies and more flat disc markers.

Rebel Membership Rebate

A reminder to all club members to continue to use their SMNC membership card/number when they purchase personal items at Rebel stores – especially with Christmas fast approaching. A percentage of their purchase goes back to the club so we can purchase new equipment and new game balls for the following season without having to use club funds. If you don’t have a SMNC membership card/number for Rebel and would like one, please contact me via email

[email protected]

Kit Bags and 2022 Season

For those coaches staying on for the 2022 season – hang onto your equipment bags and we can restock them in the new year. In the meantime, coaches are asked to please wash the training bibs and playing patches and do a general clean out of their bags. If you can do a stocktake of the contents and send an email to [email protected] to let us know if anything is missing, broken or needs replacing. If you know you won’t be coaching again, please email the address above to organise the return of your kit bag.


After 10 years on the SMNC Committee I will be stepping down from my current role as Equipment Officer and from the committee. It’s been a wonderful experience in a welcoming and supportive club and fellow committee members. Therefore, my position will be vacant at the AGM this year, and I encourage a fellow parent to consider taking on this super easy role.

Communication Officer’s Report – Anne Sayers

This year, we have continued to use Facebook, instagram, email and our website as the main forms of communication to our members. We continue to share news and updates from BHSNA on our social

media sites as this is the quickest way to update our members, especially during the 2021 season with changing restrictions to community sport.

New season registration information will continue to be communicated via website, email and social media. This year we will also look to further communicate information about playing with our club to local primary schools and community places in the area, commencing in 2021 for next year's season.

We were able to meet our new coaches and managers face to face at the beginning of the year, and facilitate open discussions around events for the year, and where additional support is needed. We also surveyed our members for their input into proposed options for continuing the 2021 season. Our committee submitted the majority response on behalf of SMNC. Unfortunately the season was unable to continue and a decision to abandon was made by BHSNA.

Thank you to all the coaches, managers and club members who supported us during the ever changing sporting scene with your patiences and flexibility. Looking forward to a ‘better!’ 2022 season.

Events Coordinator’s Report – Kim Cassengina

As a not for profit sports club we are reliant on our fundraising activities each year to be able to deliver our end of year presentation and trophies. This year our club chose to partner with Australian Fundraising which has an online payment platform meaning that we didn't have to collect cash from any of the players. This seemed to be easier than in previous years and was very successful.

The netballers that participated in our fundraiser sold 767 tubs of cookie dough which raised $2684.50 for the club. A very special mention to our U7's Team 19 that sold over 220+ tubs, an amazing effort!

Unfortunately COVID affected not only our competition but also the delivery of the product (coming from Queensland) and this is now scheduled for 3 November 2021. Thank you to everyone for your patience waiting for this delivery.

COVID also forced the cancellation of team photos and our end of year celebrations, hopefully we will be back to normal in 2022.

The committee are hoping to use the 2021 fundraising money to run netball clinics early next year to bolster our players skills and also run a program to further develop the skills of our volunteer coaches.