How to complete the score sheet

This information is directly from BHSNA


1. The first team listed on the draw and on the score sheet collects it and takes it to the court.

(Any goals scored prior to the arrival of the score sheet to the court may not be recorded)

2. Managers must check the opposing teams's identification sheet before the game starts, and verify the check any printing their name on the score sheet in the space provided. If the identification sheet is not available, write 'unsighted' in that section and do not sign it. If the identification section of the score sheet is unsigned, an administrative Forfeit may be applied.

3. Teams should supply 1 x Scorer each, who stand together along the sideline, in line with the Centre circle, throughout the game. The final goal for each team at the end of the game must be circled, and each Scorer will print their name at the bottom of the score sheet to verify the score sheet is accurate.

4. Names and ID numbers of the team’s registered players should already be printedon the score sheet. If a registered player is missing, see admin staff before the start of the game. Do not manually add any players to this list (See below for players borrowed into a team)

5. When borrowing a player, their details must be recorded in the Borrowed Players section, and their ID sited from their own Team Sheet. The players ID No., full name, division borrowed from, and team no. must all be recorded.

6. It is essential that every players’ position for each quarter be recorded in the appropriate box next to their name. If a player does not take the court for a quarter, place a dash in the box for that quarter, or leave it blank.

7. There is an Incident Report Form on the back of each score sheet. The Scorers can assist the umpires by recording any cautions/warnings applied during the game at the time, or at the end of the quarter in which they occurred. If unsure, remind the umpire at the end of each quarter/game to complete.

8. The winning team returns the completed score sheet to the Administration Building in a timely manner.

Working with Children’s check

All coaches are required to have a WWC (Working With Children) Check Number. This is a legal requirement and they need to be recorded and verified by the club. Please email your number to [email protected]

If you don't already have one you will need to visit Service NSW and apply for a number (it's an easy process). Make sure you apply as a volunteer (this is free). For more information visit 


All coaches are required to register as a non-player (only if you are not already registered as a player). This is for insurance reasons. You do not need to pay as the club will pay on your behalf. Please email [email protected] once completed. You need to be registered before you commence training for insurance reasons.

Online Coaching course

We request all of our coaches complete the online Foundation coaching course and rules of netball exam.. This will ensure that you are up-to-date with all the new rules. The club will reimburse you the costs once you provide receipt to the coaching convenor. Please follow the below links: 

Coaching equipment

Equipment required for training can be located in the clubhouse at Crestwood Netball Courts (near the tennis courts). Please return all equipment once training has finished so that it is available for all teams to use. To use court lights, switch is located on the football fields in the light box. Match balls will be allocated once they arrive. Please contact Michelle [email protected] if you require anything for your team.

Borrowing players

Please contact our Club Registrar if you need to borrow a player.

If you cannot contact the Registrar please remember to only borrow from a lower grade than yours. If you are unsure check with the Control Office or check the graph in the fixtures book.

A player can only play twice for any other team. Please let the Registrar know who you borrower via email on Monday. If a player plays more than twice for any team, they become part of the lower graded team and can no longer return to their original team.

Code of Conduct

Please encourage your parents and players to read. We agree to follow these codes as part of registering to play with BHSNA. You can also view the codes of conduct from Netball NSW

Match Reports

Each week we ask managers to send through a short match report to Facebook. Match report is just a couple of sentences about how the team played, perhaps noting any outstanding players, or your star of the week. Below is an example of a match report.

Please post to the St Michael’s facebook page along with any pictures you may wish to share.

“Round 3 - U7 team 20 enjoyed a great game today! The girls were enthusiastic and worked hard all game. We could see a great improvement in their pivoting and moving the ball down the court! Special mention for Ashleigh for scoring a great goal! Our star of the week was Madison for her passing and moving into a space on the court! Well done!”