St Michael's Netb​all Club Grading Policy 

St Michaels Netball Club have always adhered to a simple grading policy. Netball is a graded and competitive sport from 10 years of age. We endeavour to ensure that our junior teams are balanced with players of similar skill levels. Players will always trial and be graded into their own age group i.e. the age they turn in the playing season. On occasion a player may be selected into an older age group if it necessary to balance team numbers. This will only occur after discussion with the player and player’s parent/guardian.

Requests to be graded into a specific team/age group will not be considered. If you do not attend grading you will be graded according to the coach & pre-grading reports. 

7, 8 and 9 years: Players will be placed in teams with their friends where possible within their age group. These requests must be received at the time of registration. We will do our best to accommodate these requests.

10 to 14 years: Where numbers allow players will be graded in their age group.

15 years: Where numbers allow players will be graded in their age group.

17 years & Seniors: Players will form their own teams and provide team details including a grade request to the St Michaels registrar. Each team must also provide a nominated coach/organiser and an umpire capable of umpiring their grade. The umpire may be a player from their team and they will be allocated an umpiring duty before or after their team plays. This is not negotiable.

St Michaels will request a grade when registering our teams with BHSNA– both junior and senior. The BHSNA Grading Committee will determine the final grading of all teams.

How do we grade?

When assessing the overall skill of a player, graders will look at ball handling, footwork, positional awareness, sportsmanship, etc. Graders will also have access to the previous season’s coach report and pre-grading report.,

Players and parents are asked to be reasonable and objective in their expectations and to encourage their children to accept their team selection.

Ideally eight (8) players will be selected per team however, due to numbers registered some teams may have nine (9) players.

Teams will be announced via the club website as soon as possible after grading.