All players must wear the club's registered uniform consisting of:

• Tunic Style Purple, Black and White Dress with St. Michael's written down the side

• White ankle socks

New TUNICS can only be purchased through The Sydney Netball Shop.

How to Order your Netball Uniform from The Sydney Netball Shop:

• Online via website (Sizing charts are available online and they offer the choice of delivery or collect in store. Refer to website for further details)

• In store at 68/14 Loyalty Rd North Rocks Phone: 02 9894 8250

Shop opening hours vary throughout the year, so please refer to the website. You do not need an appointment. 

Uniform prices (inc GST) for the 2020 season are;

  • Dresses $85 ($10 off if pick up)
  • Boyleg Briefs $20.50
  • Hair Tassel $6.50

Accepted payment methods; Cash / MasterCard / Visa / Paypal / Cheque.

If you have any queries please email the Sydney Netball Shop: [email protected]

The uniform shop offers dress hemming free of charge when your order is placed. Any dress alterations requested thereafter will be charged at $5 per alteration. Dresses require payment at the time of placing your order. Please note, refunds are available for standard length dresses before the netball season begins if the dress is no longer required.


Additional Club wear items are available to order. Please send all enquires through to Karen [email protected] 

Hair ties $5

Polar Fleece Jacket (Full Zip) $40

  • Kids (6-14).
  • Adult (S-XXL).    

Hoodies $40

  • Kids (8-14).
  • Adults (S-XXL).   

Tracksuits (pants $30 / Jacket (Kids $55 Adults $60)

  • Pants - Kids (6-14).
  • Pants - Adults (S-XXL).
  • Jacket - Kids (6-14).
  • Jacket - Adults (S-XXL) 

Polo Shirts. $25

  • Kids B/W (6-14).
  • Female Adults - P/B (8-24)
  • Male Adults - P/B (S-3XL)      


If you have any second hand uniform items that you would like to sell, you can list them on this page or join our St Michaels Netball Club 2nd Hand Uniforms group on Facebook. You can also send an email to Karen Smith: [email protected] to see if there are any available.